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Croatia is the most popular holiday destination for Poles

Rest in Dubrovnik Rest in Dubrovnik

or another year, Croatia dominates the popularity rankings as the hottest destination chosen by Poles for holidays. This happens for a few simple reasons, which we will discuss in more detail in today's entry.

If you are also looking for a place to relax for your holiday or future holidays, be sure to get to know the popular attractions of this country and see how to spend your time there productively and what not to miss!

Why is Croatia so popular?

Holidays in Croatia have been a popular option for most Poles for some time now. They choose this country because it is cheap, relatively close and offers very good recreation conditions.

For example, compared to the Polish sea, it is much cheaper, and from some voivodeships it is as far away as the beach in Łeba. I guess everyone prefers to spend time relaxing in the surroundings of azure water and the company of palm trees. This is why Croatia has become an alternative to holidays in Poland, but also in more expensive and distant countries around the world.

The main attractions of Croatia

Everyone can relax in this country. This is a place that offers beautiful views, warm weather, clean sea, palm trees, traditional food and much more. Croatia is a country with culture and history. This is a place to relax and explore, and a 7-day stay is definitely not enough!

When in Croatia, you cannot miss such attractions:

  • Jet-ski - jet ski madness for two or solo is a guaranteed adrenaline rush. This attraction is available at virtually every major beach.

  • Parasailing - a scenic flight on a parachute towed behind a boat is another flagship attraction of Croatia. Not everyone has the opportunity to admire the views while flying 100 meters above sea level.

  • Parachute jump - parachute jumps with a view of the Adriatic Sea are unforgettable. Available to tourists in many places, but it is worth booking them in advance.

All of the above activities can be booked on site or online. It is worth investing in unforgettable memories, especially during a long-awaited holiday in beautiful circumstances.

Popular destinations in Croatia

The Croatian coast has dozens, if not hundreds, of various cities and towns worth visiting. Here are the most popular places to visit in Croatia:

  1. Makarska is the tourist capital of Croatia. It's always bustling with life and offers everything from beautiful resorts to wild beaches for families and nudists.

  2. Dubrovnik – a historic architectural city and, above all, a filming location for the popular film Game of Thrones. Rest in Dubrovnik guarantees beautiful views and an unforgettable atmosphere.

  3. Omis is a starting point for rafting fans. This is also the starting point of the popular mountain trail to the local scenic fortress. It also offers a beautiful and one of the few sandy beaches in this country.

  4. Split - a city with a rich history, full of monuments and charming places. It is also an important ferry port, serving as a gateway to numerous Croatian islands. Walking around the Old Town, you can admire ancient palaces and cathedrals, as well as taste local cuisine in charming restaurants.

  5. Rovinj – a picturesque seaside town, characterized by narrow streets and colorful houses. The harbor full of fishing boats adds to the charm of the place, and the romantic atmosphere makes Rovinj a popular tourist destination. You can also find numerous art galleries and atmospheric cafes here.

Decide for yourself which place will be best for you and book comfortable accommodation now. Happy Holidays!